Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haying Weather

It feels like haying weather today, so I thought I would post this photo labeled "haying at Naulahka" from my grandmother's collection of Holbrook family photographs. Naulahka is the home where Rudyard Kipling wrote several books and was owned for a time by my great grandparents. Also written on the back are the names : Richard Merryman, Frederick and Grace Cabot Holbrook, Nina Devens, Mr. Daudelein. Frederick and Grace Cabot are my great grandparents and they are the furthest to the right (standing on the ground). I believe my grandmother is on the load of hay and her brother Frederick "Cabot" Holbrook is  standing next to his father. My guess is that this photo was taken circa 1910 or so.

© 2012, copyright William C. Haskell