Monday, February 25, 2013

Mary Rogers Cabot Book of Dates 1870 - 1881

Book of Dates (continued)

1872 - 1873 Grove Hall MRC New Haven

1876 LBC [Lucy Brooks Cabot] & GC [Grace Cabot] at Lynn

1876 Oct - Dec - 1877 LBC & GC at Dr Browns in Boston. Operation on GC's foot by Dr Buckminster Brown of Boston

1875 - 1878 Henry James & Grace --

1878 - 1881 Grace Cabot at St Agnes

1879 Apr 5 GC baptized by Bishop Doane St Agnes Albany

1881 June 15 WBC [William Brooks Cabot] graduated from R [Rensselaer] Polytechnic Institute
         June 15 started to Omaha - UPRR

1881 Aug 23 BBH [possibly Belle Hurlbutt] married

1881 Sept 19 MRC [Mary Rogers Cabot] engaged to Fred G Mead

1881 Oct 3 Grace Cabot's accident
         Oct 4 Hannah sold - race horse

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mary Rogers Cabot Book of Dates 1866 - 1869

My great grand-aunt, Mary Rogers Cabot (MRC), kept a book of dates. She was born 20 Aug 1856, Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont to Norman Franklin and Lucy Quincy Tarbell (Brooks) Cabot. She died at the age of 75, 30 Apr 1932, Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont. She was known at Aunt Molly to my grandmother, Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell. I believe that the entries in this book of dates were transcribed by my grandmother because the handwriting looks the same as that in my grandmother's book of dates. Also, the MRC book of dates is written in the back of my grandmother's book. The entries provide valuable insight into this family between the years of 1866 and 1908.

MRC Book of Date entries for 1866-1869

Norman Cabot Alabama 1866-67 Wetumpka
LB [Lucy Brooks] Cabot  & G [Grace] Cabot at Dr Taylor Swedish Movement Cure NY 1869
Lucy B. Cabot & Grace Cabot in Boston  in winter 1866-1867

Norman Franklin and Lucy Brooks Cabot were Mary Rogers parents. Grace Cabot was Mary Rogers sister.

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