Saturday, August 30, 2014

Family Records - Goodhue & Holbrook

I've uncovered some family birth and death records for my ancestors who lived in Brattleboro, Vermont. These are handwritten notes that are likely to have been written by Anna Elizabeth (Nourse) Holbrook (my second great grandmother) or her daughter, Emerline Mason (Holbrook) Armstrong. There is no date notation on when the records were originally recorded. Surnames in this record, include: Bartlett, Bingham, Bull, Cune, Goff, Goodhue, Hall, and Holbrook.

Here is my transcription of the records:

Family Record
[Notes likely prepared by Grandma Holbrook (Anna Elizabeth (Nourse) Holbrook) or Aunt Lina (Emerline Mason (Holbrook) Armstrong)]

Joseph Goodhue     Oct 27th 1794
Sarah Goodhue     Mar 10th 1796
Mary Ann B. Goodhue     Aug 4th 1816
Harriet S. Goodhue     Sept 10th 1817
Lucy W. Goodhue     July 27th 1819
Francis Goodhue     Aug 26th 1822
Sarah F. Goodhue     May 3rd 1827

Grand Children
William G. Cune     Dec 17th 1835
Frank F. Holbrook     Mar 1st 1837
Joseph G. Hall     May 25th 1841
Mary G. Cune     Oct 11th 1841
William C. Holbrook     July 14th 1842
Julia H. Cune     Feb 25th 1844
Joseph Goodhue 2nd     Oct 29th 1849
Ellen B. Goodhue     June 14th 1851
John Holbrook     July 17th 1852
Sarah E. Goodhue     June 22nd 1855
Lucy Hall Goodhue     July 30th 1862
Alice Goodhue     Nov 10th 1863
Francis Goodhue Jr     Dec 13th 1867

Great Grand Children
William C. Holbrook Jr     Feby 12th 1873
Lucy Goodhue Hall     born April 14th 1871
Richard Knowlton Holbrook     born Oct 15th 1874
Frederick Holbrook Jr     born July 20th 1861
Emerline Mason Holbrook     born July 30th 1863
William Henry Holbrook     born Dec 30th 1865
Percy Holbrook     born Aug 18th 1868
Betsey Bingham came to our family to live June 1825

Joseph Goodhue     June 20th 1862, 67 yrs
Sarah Edwards Goodhue     Nov 11th 1883
Chauncy Hall     May 8th 1856, 43 yrs
Lucy G. Hall     June 3rd 1859, 39 yrs
William G. Cune     April 3rd 1842, 7 yrs
Julia H. Bartlett     Dec 21st 1867, 23 yrs
Joseph Goodhue     Aug 23rd 1851, 10 mos
Sarah Edwards Goodhue     Aug 18th 1860
Lucy Hall Goodhue     June 3rd 1864
Alice Goodhue     Aug 17th 1864
Dorcas Goff     died Feb 15th 1853, 67 yrs
Mr A. H. Bull     died July 29th 1869
Mrs Wells Goodhue     died Dec 5th 1873
Mr Wells Goodhue     died Dec 18th 1874

Source: Holbrook and Cabot Family Records. [Privately Held].
Genealogy Box #2 - Genealogy Papers by FFH, MRC, FCH, Aunt Lina.

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