Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anna Elizabeth Nourse - Journal 1862

1861 - Missing

1862 Journal page - mostly about her child losing his teeth and several Civil War battles.


Jan. 17.Fred's [likely her son Fred Holbrook] 1st tooth.
[Jan]22[Fred's] 2nd [tooth]
Feb. 5Will F Wesselhoeft born
April 3.Fred's 3rd tooth
[April] 12[Fred] in short dresses
May 5[Fred's] 4th tooth
[May] 6[Fred's] 5[th] [tooth]
June 20.Grandpa Goodhue died
[June] 29.[blank]
July 14Will's birthday
[July] 25Fred's 7th tooth
Aug. 6Battle Baton Rouge
[Aug]2nd battle Bull Run.
Oct. 29Fred's 9th tooth
Dec. 25My sister & I baptized, & with mother
joined the Dear old Chapel.

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