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Green Mountain Camp - Post 4

[Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry regarding Green Mountain Camp]

[January 3, 1918 - Boston, Mass continued]
     A short service was held with reading and singing etc; then the daily duties began. Those who were appointed to be milk girls, went with an escort to the entrance of the road and returned bringing the large can of milk in the cart. This proved to be an arduous duty, as the wood road was very rough with stones and boulders and mud holes scattered along the way quite frequently. It generally took an hour's time, and the girls took turns pushing and pulling the express cart. this cart underwent several misfortunes, and all the expense of a little down-hill coast I attempted one day when I was outward bound for supplies! While the girls were on milk duty, two others pumped our daily supply of water by the force pump, into our barrels at the kitchen. This, in the hotest [sic] weather also proved to be an arduous duty; although it may have been just those occupations etc which kept us fairly contented on the whole.
     Hot weather we certainly had - and everything was affected by the high temperature - even the pond - so there was no escaping it. On the hotest [sic] days of all - & luckily for them Miss Lesley and Miss Sutherland were safely away - we had our canning demonstrations given by the state college county worker. It went off marvellously [sic] well, considering the hot situation of our fly where the lecture was given, and the out-door brick stove on which the cooking was done.
     Every morning about eleven o'clock came the daily swim on our little beach - and away rushed the girls with the greatest of glee from any classes or employment which might be on foot to get as long a swim as possible before dinner. If by any chance the regular time was changed, the girls would surely ask when they could get it later on.  On the last day, the swim had to be before breakfast - for they had seen us go off each morning early to take a dip, but had not had the experience themselves.
Green Mountain Camp - Swimming
to be continued...

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  1. Your posts about this girl's camp remind me a lot of Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, VT. It started as Camp Hanoun in 1909, and then became Camp Farnsworth for the Girl Scouts. We went to the 100th anniversary celebration. There were many families who had attended for generations. Our daughter went in the 1990s, and I brought my GS troops there for 12 years. We even attended the family camp after labor day. Such good memories. The old photos hanging in the Farnsworth dining hall remind me of some of your posts.

  2. I live in the Lakes Region of Maine (near Sebago Lake) and there are many summer camps here. We have a Boy Scouts camp just down the road from us. My father actually went to a summer camp in the town that I live in now. Thanks for the comment