Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Sailing Voyage to the Azores - 1882

Please visit my new blog - "A Sailing Voyage to the Azores - 1882"  for an exciting family history journey to the Azores Islands in the mid-Atlantic, aboard the Barque "Sarah". I will be posting the journal entries from my great grand aunt, Mary Rogers Cabot, describing her 53 day journey from Boston to the Azores and back, starting in April 1882.

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  1. Hello Will,
    I am planning a trip to Cumberland and North Yarmouth to research my Pearson family tree. (Specifically Isaac Pearson and his wife Miriam Hall Harris Pearson.) I noticed that we have the Pearson family name in common and I was wondering if you had any recommendations to point me in the right direction for my trip? For example, do you know if a certain library or historical society has more information on the Pearson family than another? Any other recommendations or suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for your help,