Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alfred Haskell Family Portrait

Alfred and Elizabeth (Owen) Haskell were my great-great-grandparents. They lived in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. They had eight children, however, three died within their first year and three died as young adults. Their children were:

George B. b. 4 Dec 1845, d. 1866
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" b. 11 Mar 1847, d. 26 Feb 1875
Charles Alfred b. 6 Oct 1848, d. 3 Jun 1931
Amos J. b. 6 Jan 1851, d. 22 May 1851
Frederic T. b. Sep 1852, d. 10 Dec 1853
Henry A. b. 1855, d. 1856
Carrie A. b. 14 Jun 1859, d. 24 Aug 1889
Frank Owen b. 12 Jul 1863, d. 29 May 1931

Here is a photo of Alfred and Elizabeth with three of their children.

The following is written in pencil on the back of the photograph:
Elizabeth Owen Haskell & Alfred Haskell
Carrie A. Haskell
Frank Owen Haskell
Charles Alfred Haskell

I am not sure who made these notes, but I believe the children that are identified are incorrect for the following reasons:
1. Charles Alfred was born 15 years before Frank Owen and 11 years before Carrie A. The children in the photo appear to be much closer in age.
2. If the listed children were correct, Alfred and Elizabeth would be over 50 years old and they appear younger than that in the photo.

In my opinion it seems more likely that the children in the photo from left to right are: Charles Alfred, Mary E. and George B. Also note that Alfred was b. 20 Feb 1817 and Elizabeth was b. 3 Mar 1819. I believe this photo was taken circa 1860 when Alfred would have been about 43 years old.

Other hints include a photographer's stamp on the photo that says "F.R. Burnham, 96 Middle Street, Portland, Maine". I did a search of City directories on and found Burnham Bros at 96 Middle Street in the 1860 Portland City Directory. I was unable to find them in any earlier directories.

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  1. Hi Will:
    Alfred Haskell is my 4th Cousin (4X removed) which makes you about my 9th or 10th cousin. Ironically, I too was born in The Pine Tree State! My 7th Great Grandparents were Alexander Maxcy (1668-1723) and Abigail Miles (1669-1748), and Alfred was their great grandson, as follows: Abigail Maxcy (1694-1778) + Jacob Haskell (1693-1756); Jacob Haskell, Jr. (1718-1768) + Tabitha Day (1718-1759); Eliphalet Haskell (1753-1833) + Mary Woodman (1755-1839); Amos Haskell (1787-1868) + Sally Johnson (1789-1859); Alfred Haskell ~ small world, huh?

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