Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grace Ware Holbrook Journal - Post 8

[Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry]
June 3rd Brattleboro
     A wonderful June day, deliciously cool and most enjoyable. After breakfast was over Mr. Gerebsoff & I prepared to play tennis in an impromptu fashion. Impromptu because of the court not being in condition, and the net, rackets  & balls all of a secondary nature. We played three sets, all of them 6 - 1 games sets. By that time it was almost already the lunch hour. Mr. Grinnell & a Mrs. Davis from Jaffrey lunched with us - also Aunt Molly drove up with her horse.
     Miss Kehl, Mr. Gerebsoff & I acted as waitresses & waiter for the others and all went most expeditiously. It was amusing - as we wore caps & aprons, and Mr. Gerebsoff wore the Turkish cap. Afterward Baron Maydell waited on us in a truly dignified fashion, without so much as a smile, like as a butler would. 
     Cook arrived in the afternoon from Boston, having left Cabot and Way Sung at their respective domiciles. We went to drive in the touring car to see Dutton Farm, and went on through the Black Mountain Road to Dummerston and Putney.
     We all walked a little in the evening & then Mr. Gerebsoff & I danced. We tried the Maxixe & tango, and Russian dances - for a short time - to the disappointing Edison records which skipped back & repeated continuously.
     Mr. Gerebsoff talked of Russia and of his family and showed me his mother's picture, & we discussed various subjects.
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