Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surname Saturday - Owen Family Letter - Post 1

I found the following letter in my grandmother's binder on the Haskell Family Genealogy. The letter is typewritten and may have been copied from the original because it does not contain an original signature. There are also four pages of handwritten family trees and other Owen family information attached to the letter (scans to be provided in later posts).

 Bath, Maine, February 13, 1930
 Miss Mildred V. Owen
Portland, Maine

My dear Miss Owen:-
Letter from my Grandmother's notes
     I thought you would be interested to know that I have solved the problem of the origin of your ancestor, Ebenezer Owen, who married Abigail Cotton in 1763. William Owen of Braintree had among at least seven children two sons named Nathaniel and Ebenezer. The latter died in 1690 of small pox while a member of Phipps' expedition to Quebec. Nathaniel had five sons and two daughters, the fourth and fifth sons, respectively, being William, born in 1697, and John, born in 1699. William is undoubtedly the same William whose marriage in 1721 I have found recorded in Boston and the eleventh of whose thirteenth children was Ebenezer, born in 1738; just as William's brother John is undoubtedly the same John who was granted a houselot in Falmouth. There is no trace of William or John in Braintree records except their birth, and the Boston records do not supply a William for the marriage referred to. Moreover the names given by William and John to their children strongly indicate their connection with each other and with the Braintree family.
     I have not yet had time to investigate the Portland records but have been availing myself of the facilities of several libraries and have been making quite some progress of which I shall be glad to show you the result when opportunity offers.

     Please remember me to your father.
Sincerely yours,
(signed) Henry W. Owen, Jr.

© 2010, copyright William C. Haskell

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