Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry - Post 9

June 4th [1918]
     The Maydells left at seven o'clock for New York, and all but Miss Lubovistky arose to breakfast with them and to see them off at the station.
     Later in the morning Miss Kehl, Michael and I went to the village in the Franklin to do errands and call on Aunt Molly. Michael drove the car for the first time on the way home, and poor Miss Kehl did not enjoy the strain of watching the process.
     Michael & I went to walk, by Robbins Farm to the Black Mountain Road and back through Dummerston. We talked of many things - of Russia, America, traveling, families and friends. At the end we were more congenial - having more in common than before.
     In the afternoon and evening it rained a little, and grew very cool at night.

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