Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surname Saturday - Owen Family Letter - Post 3

Transcription of page 3 of the Owen Family letter

All of the name of Owen are said to descend from Owen, Prince of North Wales - 
The Owen Coat of Arms - granted to a nobleman of Welsh descent:
Crest - a lion rampart
Shield - divided by a chevron - containing a mailed hand and three lions rampart
Motto: "Honestas Optima Politia" (I've always loathed this motto!)
[hand drawn image of crest]
According to a booklet printed by the American Historical - Genealogical Society, 1415 Montgomery Ave. Philadelphia in 1929 the earliest Owen ancestor was Elizeg, Prince of Powys, Wales. His descendant, 8 generations removed, was Owen ap Howel Dha, King of South Wales and Powys, AD 987 - 
(This booklet by the way is not helpful at all, for our purposes anyway - Ebenezer's name appears as a Rev. soldier of Mass. but nothing else about him.)

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