Saturday, September 6, 2014

Captain William S. Brooks 1820 Journal - Page 2

 Here is page #2 from an 1820 journal written by my third great grandfather, Captain William Smith Brooks. You can find the first page of this diary here: Diary page 1.

In this diary, he primarily lists the places he visited, boarded, ate meals etc, although in later pages he becomes a little more verbose in his descriptions.

Here is the transcription (please let me know if you can determine the last word in the fourth line down):

Lebanon Springs Board etc.2.90
Nausua Breakfast60
8 Albany. Dinner & Horse Credendosy[?]1.13
8 Waterford Sleep at Hulls1.16
9 Hulls Breakfast37
9 Schenectady Sleep etc.1.25
9 Amsterdam Abbott Sleep81
11 Johnstown Anderson B-38
11 Oppingham Nelles. Dinner25
10 Little falls Morgon Sleep1.36
Schyler Peacock40
11 Deerfield. Biddlecom. Dinner25
Sunday toles60
11 Utica Sleep. Bags1.13
12 West Moreland Crarys Break.34
12 Lenox. Blosson Dinner etc63
12 Chestewingo Cary’d Lodge etc1.44
Here it rained and I took the Stage1.12
To Phillips in Manulius 16 Miles to
Dinner Horse Shod1.69
14 Mercellus Sleep84
14 Auburn Breakfast50
On this route I pass’d Cauga [probably Cayuga] Bridge over 1 Mile long here the prospect of [to be continued]

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