Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Captain William S. Brooks 1820 Journal - Page 3

Here is page #3 from an 1820 journal written by my third great grandfather, Captain William Smith Brooks. You can find the second page of this diary here: Diary page 2.

Here is the transcription:

the Lake is truely romantic and
beautifull [sic] Tole at bridge25
Turnpikes at Sunday Gates45
To Dinner at Waterloo Village
here are a large number of flour
mills Trip hammers & no place can
be better Situated for Manufacturing
14 Slept at Geneva. Supper etc1.00
15 Canandaigua. 16 miles to Breakfast
and dinner, Left some clothes to be
wash'd Stage 1.00
16 arrived at Lima called on Mrs
Nancy Bristol. found 4 fine Children
17th Went to Avon and called on Mrs
Peirce. found 2 Children, and both
well situated7.25[?]
17. On Saturday morning took Stage
for Bufaloo [sic], on the way call'd on
Mr. Sam'l Albree saw him & wife
arrived at Buffaloo [sic] at 5 PM. On
18 Sunday morning to Stage for Niagra
falls. arrived at the falls at 2 PM
spent the remainder of the day in
crossing of to the British Side & [to be continued]
© 2014, copyright William C. Haskell

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