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Green Mountain Camp - Post 2

 January 3, 1918 - Boston, Mass [continued]
     The house we occupied as headquarters stands up from the water's edge in an open space about two hundred feet, overlooking all the pond. Beyond the house is the barn a fairly large one with good upper loft. Below the barn is the little clapboarded house we used as kitchen, and in front of this we pitched our fly as shelter for the dining tables. Across the open space about one hundred feet from the kitchen we pitched the tents in which we all slept with the exception of our camp cook and camp advisor who slept on the porch of the house.
     The sixteenth of July then a number of us motored to the top of Ames Hill loaded with every possible article imaginable in the way of food, bedding, tents, clothing, etc.
     Helen Bradley, Mr. Daudelin and myself were of the first to settle down, then with the help of Mr. Dorr Bradley and his daughters, and Mr. Cook we put up tents and began to put up tents.
     On the eighteenth we all congregated: - Mr. Bradley drove some girls in his car, then Mr. Cook and I also filled our cars with all kinds of things and took more girls, mostly from Vernon. At the same time Mr. Moffitt and Sarah and Helen Bradley went to West Halifax to bring that group of girls to camp. 
     In all there are seventeen girls received that day, and we lunched on sandwiches and milk prepared for us by Miss Sutherland - camp cook - and Miss Lesley.

Tents at Green Mountain Camp (no date)

to be continued...

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