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Green Mountain Camp - Post 3

 [Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry regarding Green Mountain Camp]
[January 3, 1918 - Boston, Mass continued]
     The first afternoon Dr. Grace Burnett examined the girls who had not brought certificates. Later, a few went in swimming, the rest watching and waiting, to see the effects; some were not allowed to swim, but others were sceptical [sic] owing to reports of the "dangerous pond." A twenty-five-foot portion being roped off to prevent the possibility of going out over one's depth, and someone of responsibility always being on hand at the swimming hour proved enough, and soon all those who could, were longing to learn to swim and never missed a day.
     The first day acquaintance was not easy, for many of the girls never having been out of their homes were naturally shy with so many strangers about. Their first night's experience at sleeping out caused them to be up or at least wide awake at dawn. each proceeding night their sleep improved till in three or four days they slept soundly till the rising bell sounded at six o'clock.
     First of all with bloomers over their nightgowns, they had calesthenics [sic] in the barn with Helen Bradley. Each day a certain number were portioned to a duty, & four girls set the tables for the day, and helped the cook with the food preparation.
     Breakfasts were of cereal, fruit sometimes, and eggs, also cocoa and bread. Inspection at nine oclock of all the tents meant that everything should be neat - no str**gs etc on the ground, bags and shoes under the beds, and all else out of sight with the exception of a small piece of oilcloth on which were laid each each person had on her bed with her toothbrush and comb and brush.

to be continued...

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