Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Lizzie Haskell

Cemetery: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine
Photo Date: 4 November 2006
Subject Name: Mary Lizzie Haskell
Notes: Daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth (Owen) Haskell.
Transcription: MARY LIZZIE/Daug. of Alfred &/Elizabeth Haskell,/DIED/Feb. 26, 1875/ AE. 27 yrs 11 ms/15 ds

© 2011, copyright William C. Haskell


  1. Hi Will,

    I do ebay searches for my ancestor names and places in the hope that someday I'll snag a long-lost family treasure (so far I've gotten one good one, a planing tool made by my g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather, stamped with his name...very cool).

    Anyway, my search brought up this collection of letters to Mrs. Alfred (Lizzie) Haskell from 1917. This is the kind of little treasure trove I know I'd love to find related to my ancestors, so I Googled the name and found your blog.

    Here is the link:

    Hope this isn't too presumptuous, and hope that you or other family members may find it of interest.


  2. Hello, I noticed this post was getting a few hits lately! The letters you have look like a great collection. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be from my family line. My Alfred Haskell died in 1906 and his daughter Mary Elizabeth (aka Lizzie) died young in 1875. Alfred's second wife, Elizabeth also died in 1888. As far as I know this family always lived in the Portland, Maine area.

  3. Ok- so this is weird - I also check eBay for Haskell family items, and I actually purchased those letters addressed to Mrs. Alfred (Lizzie) Haskell. Most of them were regarding the death of a son who died in England. I just found this post and was very surprised. Do you know anyone who has copies of Haskell letters written back to England? I'm trying to find someone who can give me copies.

    Elizabeth Haskell Donen
    Westlake Village, Ca

  4. Unfortunately, I do not. The Lizzie Haskell in this post is the daughter of Alfred Haskell. Her mother was named Elizabeth. Are you able to tell where the letters were written?