Monday, October 25, 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Mary C. Diller Letter - Feb. 4, 1943

Here is the transcription of another letter from Mary C. Diller to my grandmother Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell.

Feb. 4th, 1943.
My Dear Cousin: -
     It is a long time since I have heard from you or cousin Nellie Torrey.
     She usually writes me about "Xmas" time; but she did not write me this last "Xmas" and I am afraid she is sick or passed away.
     Will you please write me as I am anxious to know if she is in good health and still living?
     This terrible War so depressing.
     Is your son old enough to be in this World's War?
     How are you all?
     My Eldest son John Cabot Diller is Major in the Air Corpse somewhere over seas.
     I am anxiously awaiting official announcement of his safe arrival.
     His wife and four children are moving from Meridian, Connecticut to a warmer climate in Florida.
     She feels her heavy burden keenly and I do hope she can stem the tide.
     Major John Cabot Diller was at Miami and Busch, Florida six weeks.
     Then sent to Harrisburg, Pa after three weeks stay.
     The Majors were sent to Washington, D.C. 2 1/2 weeks.
     Given a Furlough and son John went home to Meridian, Conn.
     From there he was sent to San Francisco, California awaiting transportation to go over seas.
     After that sent to New Port, Virginia.
     "Xmas" morning a telegram announcing he had sailed for over-seas.
     His wife calapsed [sic] in a Real Estate Car looking up a home to move to.
     She was carried to a stranger's home and a Dr. summoned by the good lady of the house.
     Result a nervous break down.
     However she wrote  she must go on and do her part to win this terrible War.
     I do hope she can survive her terrible ordeal.
     Meridian climate too cold for her.
     Hence she is seeking a warmer clime.
     Her four children in school.
     To be placed to another school.
     I do hope and pray that she may be able to stand up under the terrible strain.
     She writes however she shall always love Texas she calls her husband nevertheless.
     I have been in three Wars and shall be so thankful when it is over.
     Please do write all are well. Love, cousin Mary C. Diller

© 2010, copyright William C. Haskell

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