Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book of Dates (1932) - Post 8

[Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell Book of Dates, continued]
[Entries entered in the order they are written, which indicates they were probably written after the fact. Some entries entered in pen and others in pencil]
In Brattleboro
April 30               Aunt Molly passed away
July                     Wild River NH
June                    The Forks MH [Merrill Haskell] & I
July & August     At Aunt Molly's house, children, Cousin Ellen Robinson, Kath Tarbox, Teresa, Mrs    Curtis, Uncle Will, Goodhues
September          Owen at Oakdale School in fall
Jan 30                Connys & Franks to supper
[Jan] 31            Gulick - Halny to dinner
Feb 4                 Gulicks & Mrs Robinson here
[Feb] 5             Mrs Bind here to supper with Gulicks
[Feb] 21           To Connys for dinner
[Feb] 29           Brattleboro
[Feb] 20           Called on Merrills with Owen & Lucy
Mar 1                Mr Allan Butterfield died
[Mar] 31           Eva Tracy to lunch with grandchildren
Apr 14               F_____ Gulick & Franks to dinner
July - Aug         Pony rides    Church Fair July 12, July 4 Uncle Will to Yarmouth, Lomards July 21 with Shirleys,   Newfane Field Day July 22, Elizabeth Marshall to lunch, A. Fisher July 8
May 5 + 6       Boston
May                Nelly Hurlbutt here from Occ[upational] Ther[apy] School

Junior League meetings
Mrs Little here
Joined Col Dawes

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