Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry - Post 10

June 5th [1918]
     Miss Lubovitsky, Michael & I went to the village for various errands - while I was at Mrs Cavanaugh for a shampoo, Miss Lubovitsky & Michael were at Hanrahans [?] looking at dresses, etc.We reached home just in time for lunch - Michael drove for the second time and did very well, and Miss Lubovitsky said nothing to distract attention, inspite of its being a trial lesson.
      Miss Lubovitsky's dresses were tried on in the afternoon, with remarks from all as to their suitability. Later, Michael and I played tennis for a short time before going to meet Mr. Barrows and Mr. Merrill. On the way down, while Michael drove the car, the thrust bearing of the gears broke and we had to leave the car at Mosher's Garage, & join the others in their car to go up the West River. Michael talked of Russian customs, court occasions, friends, home and many other things, while we sat in the back of the car. Mr. Merrill's farm was beyond Staubbach Falls - past isolated farms and gateways - in fact at the end of the roadway. The country is very wild and beautiful about there and quite fascinating. The time passed rapidly & as the farm is about nine miles from Brattleboro, it took some much longer than I supposed it would. We had at 9.30 dinner, and the others had only just finished as they waited a long time for us.

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