Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry - Post 12

June 8th [1918]
      Yesterday it rained hard, & later in the day it cleared & grew colder. We remained here through the day doing various bits of housework.
     Today Miss Lubovitsky & I drove with Edwards to Brattleboro & stayed to lunch with Aunt Molly. Mr Moffitt met me & we went over the lists for camp candidates.
     Mother & Michael arrived later, with the Dabneys & Cabot in time for afternoon tea. Michael handed He was most excited over his Boston visit & with all that happened there - The Barrys dined with them, also Sarah Bradley & Miss West. Then Michael went to see Gerard's pictures, shopped with Cook, had tea with the Bradleys etc. We played tennis before dinner for a short time - and danced for the benefit of with several spectators about. presented me a huge box of candy with remarks that it was "so very small".

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