Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book of Dates (1933) - Post 9

[Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell Book of Dates, continued]
[Entries entered in the order they are written, which indicates they were probably written after the fact. Some entries entered in pen and others in pencil]

April              Mary Cary & Elizabeth Diament here on way to Bangor
                     Merrill & I in Boston
May 24         Miss Koerster here
                     Miss [blank] Shelburne M[errill] & I
July & August     In Brattleboro, GWH, LBH, OH; Lombards in Yarmouth July & Aug
July 3 - 6      C Tarbox at Terrace Street
September    Mrs Curtis came for month to Oct 7
[Sept] 23      Charles Haskell here AM     LBH birthday
                    Owen & Lucy at Waynefleet School
October 1-6 Shelburne Merrill & I
October 8     Miss Alys [?] arrives
Oct 15          Richard L Cary dies in Berlin Germany
[Oct] 19        Owen at Dr Ganthers
[Oct] 30       Merrill at Shelburne hunting 
Jan 9            Garden Club slides at Mrs Herbert Paysons
Jan 21          Merrills tonsils out at hospital
May 12        with Louise Haskell to Mrs Tobie's for Birthday
June             Mary deWetter's marriage to St Clair Smith at Roxbury Conn
July 4           MH, H Curtis & WBC to Yarmouth
                    Picnic at Goodhues - Hay barn at Scott Farm
[Jul] 8          Fisher's dinner 7:15 at Rice Farm
[Jul] 10        Robinsons & C Tarbox & G True (?) for day
[Jul] 12        Church fair

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