Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newspaper Clipping - Francis Goodhue Leaves For France

Transcription of newspaper clipping in Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell's scrapbook. Handwritten in pen at the top of the clipping is "Reformer June 19, '12"

Grandson of Late Col. Francis Goodhue of Brattleboro Plans to Drive in Ambulance Corps
      Francis Goodhue, 3d, of Philadelphia sailed June 2 for France to drive in the Norton Hardges ambulance corps. He had been working for his father, Francis Goodhue, in Philadelphia up to the time of his departure. He is 23 years old and a grandson of the late Col. Francis Goodhue of Brattleboro. He hopes to drive with or near the unit in which Appleton Miles of Brattleboro is working and with whom he has been intimate since they were small boys in Brattleboro.

© 2010, copyright William C. Haskell

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