Monday, November 1, 2010

Brooks & Forman Papers - Introduction

My grandmother, Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell's  genealogy research  binder that focuses on the Holbrook Family genealogy includes a manuscript prepared by Mary Rogers Cabot titled "Brooks & Forman Papers". This document is typescript and undated. There is a note on the front cover indicating this was a copy for GWH. This document provides some interesting information about the Brooks and Forman families, even though there is limited source information provided. Mary Rogers Cabot was the author of the two volume set titled "Annals of Brattleboro [Vermont], 1681 - 1895", published in 1921 and 1922 by the E. L. Hildreth & Co., Brattleboro, Vermont. Mary Rogers Cabot was the daughter of Norman Franklin and Lucy T. (Brooks) Cabot was born in Brattleboro, Vermont on 20 August 1856. She died in Brattlboro on 30 April 1932. I look forward to transcribing and sharing the information from this manuscript over a series of posts in the coming months.

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