Friday, November 26, 2010

Grace Ware Holbrook Journal Entry - Post 17

 [This is the last entry in the journal]

July 13th [1918] On Monday July 8th camp opened. the first girls to arrive were those from South Vernon and Guilford who were met in Brattleboro & brought here by Cook & Brown. Last year's girls are: Helen Hughes, Gladys Brown, Hattie Johnson, Gertrude Johnson, Irene Fairman and Julia Fairman; and the new girls are Grace Johnson, Winnifred Mead & Virgie Goodnow. They were here for lunch, and in the afternoon settled down in their tents. Elizabeth gathered them together to start stoves while peas were being shelled.
     Other girls who arrived in the afternoon were Mildred Taft, Dora Clark & Bernice Dodge from West Dummerston; and Clara Fisher, Florence Merrill, Hazel Fox from West Brattleboro; and Marion Laughton from Dummerston.
     The old girls were delighted with the camp site and by supper time many said they knew camp was going to be even better fun than last years. the atmosphere was quite cheerful and the songs about the camp fire went very well - in spite of the cool evening. the beds were all pinned in by Sarah to insure no air spaces after getting into bed for the night.

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