Thursday, November 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Red Address Book

     One of the more interesting source documents handed down by my grandmother, Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell is her red address book. This book is not only packed with addresses, but it also has a wealth of genealogy and family history data, including cemetery lot locations, school graduation dates, military service dates, trip dates, military ranks, health information, dates of major sicknesses, birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, employment dates and locations, holiday gift lists.
     I doubt that many people kept this kind of information in their address book, but my advice is don't overlook the address book as a valuable source of information. 

This page provides information on schools attended, trips abroad and marriage date for Grace Ware (Holbrook) Haskell

This page provides information on the Haskell Cemetery Lot at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine

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