Monday, December 6, 2010

The Harris Family of New Gloucester

Here is some more interesting New Gloucester, Maine history and genealogy news from an April 12-15, 1911 article in Lewiston Journal, Illustrated Magazine Section titled "Maine Families, and their Genealogies". The article is about the Harris Family of New Gloucester. This article was found searching the Google News site. Surnames in this article include: Allen, Bacheldor, Bradbury, Cook, Davis, Foxcroft, Gower, Guptil, Harris, Harrison, Haskell, Hersey, Johnson, Megquire, Merrill, Otis, Parsons, Record, Roberson, Tobie, Tyng, Waterman, White, Witham, Yetton.

© 2010, copyright William C. Haskell


  1. Do you have more about the Harris family? Are you descended of this family? Did they originate in Gloucester, Massachusetts?

  2. Hi Heather, It is likely that they originated in Gloucester, Massachusetts because that is where most of the proprietors of New Gloucester came from. As far as I know, I am not descended from this family. However, my line of Haskell's who originally came from Gloucester, MA were also some of the first to come to New Gloucester. These old articles in the Lewiston Journal newspaper provide a great deal of genealogy-related information. I am in the process of transcribing the New Gloucester VRs and there are numerous Harris records. These VRs will eventually be published by Picton Press.

  3. Yes, there are lots of links to my North Shore, Massachusetts family tree in these names. None are ancestors, just marriages with lots of distant cousins especially with the Allens, Haskells, and Parsons.